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Digital art
In the title :3 i will draw sketch and sum it all up make it beautiful as i can ^^
Anime commission
Ill do your oc,a character and more! Even if it's just a small description I can do it, just eye color,shaft length and color as well as skin and ill do whatever! Gift #1 by homeschool-sorceriss  Jessie Jay halven by homeschool-sorceriss 
oc drawings! (full body)
so if you like thay way i draw people then i will draw your oc!
(need full pay before i start)

Newest Deviations

Request. by homeschool-sorceriss Request. :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 3 CryBaby: Art Trade by homeschool-sorceriss CryBaby: Art Trade :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 2 2 Eyes #1 by homeschool-sorceriss Eyes #1 :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 4 0 Tesla: Minecraft Story Mode OC by homeschool-sorceriss Tesla: Minecraft Story Mode OC :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 0 0 Quotev request #2 by homeschool-sorceriss Quotev request #2 :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 0 Quotev request by homeschool-sorceriss Quotev request :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 2 8 Love you criss! by homeschool-sorceriss Love you criss! :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 0 Happy  birthday Crystal!! by homeschool-sorceriss Happy birthday Crystal!! :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 2 4 Untitled by homeschool-sorceriss
Mature content
Untitled :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 0 2
starwars oc? by homeschool-sorceriss starwars oc? :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 0
Milk and Cookies: Prologue
"Freak!" "idiot!" "stop living and going to school!"
I huffed walking away.
"Little girl terrified
She'd leave her room if only bruises would heal
A home is no place to hide
Her heart is breaking from the pain that she feels"
i looked down at the floor of the school seeing the small little wet floors as i almost tripped on the first day....i sighed seeing my friend, my beautiful friend amy.  I looked at my bleeding arm and walked over to her" can we talk behind the school please"  she nodded and smiled "of course!" the two of us walked to the back of the school " me a favor.." she nodded half terrified.
"Tell watch after angel" she looked at me and i smiled handing her a peice of paper dropping my books and plunging pencils in my chest, one by one her tears fell down "Oh my god no please!"
"Every day's the same
She fights to find her way
She hurts, she breaks, she hides, and tries to pray
She wonders why, does anyone ever hear her when sh
:iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 7
Howaito tamashi by homeschool-sorceriss Howaito tamashi :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 4 Vince by homeschool-sorceriss Vince :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 0 0 Asuna yuuki by homeschool-sorceriss Asuna yuuki :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 3 0 Steve (Minecraft) by homeschool-sorceriss Steve (Minecraft) :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 1 0 Carmen by homeschool-sorceriss Carmen :iconhomeschool-sorceriss:homeschool-sorceriss 3 0


art trade. by catcar12345678 art trade. :iconcatcar12345678:catcar12345678 2 0 New Oc Cry Baby  by catcar12345678 New Oc Cry Baby :iconcatcar12345678:catcar12345678 4 0 Custom Fashion 43 by Karijn-s-Basement Custom Fashion 43 :iconkarijn-s-basement:Karijn-s-Basement 258 5 Family by Ozumii Family :iconozumii:Ozumii 1,149 113 Bishie youtube logos by Ozumii Bishie youtube logos :iconozumii:Ozumii 2,965 211 Melody by Ava-Wingspring Melody :iconava-wingspring:Ava-Wingspring 3 0
Get a Clue (Cry x Reader)
(Warning: Contains Sexual content... By this I mean kissing and making out with a couple details. Don't worry I faded into black but there was a couple details at the end that some may not enjoy... 14+)
(So just a side note I'm sorry if you don't like the lack of sexual-ness (Yes I just created a word. Don't judge. *hair flip*) but thats just not who I am... Maybe I'll give hints but I don't think I'll be writing sex scenes or whatever... You can get a taste here but go somewhere else for that stuff.. But if you like flirting and borderline sexual-ness than by all means read on! Also please give me comments on how to get better and if you liked the story or not and tell me what you didn't like and what you did or just not say anything... thats cool. *sigh* but seriously commentary is appreciated. I also apologize for any possible spelling mistakes... I'm usually pretty good at writing but I'm bad when it comes to rereading and i'm too lazy to do that but anyways... Enjoy! Lov
:icongrrbot:Grrbot 394 167

       ~~~Okay, I normally just do X Readers of FICTIONAL people (because doing one of a real person is just so friggin' awkward, I swear).  But, I got a note asking for a Cryaotic X Reader story.  At first I was thinking "Oh, God f**k no!" But, then I decided to do it anyway because I'm a bi-polar little weird-y.  Enjoy! And if Cry sees this (even though I very highly doubt that he ever will), I am soooo sorry!~~~
       You were so excited! You and a few of your closest friends were packed into your (relative)s vehicle, heading for what you considered the coolest event ever - a Video Game Convention! The only bad thing about this moment was the fact that you felt like you were packed into a sardine can.  You looked in the car mirror at your crummy (favorite video game character) cosplay.  You were on a budget and we
:iconkillersandclowns:KillersAndClowns 500 111
Come at me Bitch by the-Assyrian Come at me Bitch :iconthe-assyrian:the-Assyrian 15 1 Coral -Steven Universe OC- by the-Assyrian Coral -Steven Universe OC- :iconthe-assyrian:the-Assyrian 496 54 I FREAKING SHIP IT  by XxyukikittyxX I FREAKING SHIP IT :iconxxyukikittyxx:XxyukikittyxX 3 4
Shima x Reader ~ Please
Shima x Reader ~ Please
All the Cram School kids were at a party at (Name)’s parents house.  It was a pretty big estate house so they all fit in there more then comfortably.  Someone (*cough* Bon *cough*) had spiked the punch, leaving several of the students at the party extremely drunk.  (Name) was by far the drunkest.  She hadn’t had anything to drink all day so she was dying of thirst.  As she stumbled around the house in a drunken laughing fit, Shima was sat on the couch, watching her with his usual smirk and hungry eyes.  Since the day he met her, he continuously asked her on dates.  And she said no every time, saying the same exact sentance.
‘Shima, if you weren’t like all the others and didn’t flirt with every other girl you met, I might actually consider it’.
Little did he know that there was a hidden meaning to that sentence.  Something all their friends knew, and that he was completely oblivious to.
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 280 106
Amaimon X Reader ~ Even More Then Candy
She was his, and no one else's. Especially not Rin's. She was his queen, well not yet. But he would find a way to make her a demon, and then make her his queen. No one knew about them. No one but the two of them. Despite the fact that keeping it a secret continuously made things exciting for them, he was beginning to think it would be better to tell someone. But she said people wouldn't understand. He was a demon, and she was a witch, who was studying to become an Exorcist. 'She' was (Name). 'He' was Amaimon. And when she and the rest of the cram kids were out in the forest doing some lesson, he had to follow her. Though if she knew, she'd be furious.
(Name) was up in the branches of a tree, relaxing instead of trying the lesson. She had really lost interest lately; she had a lot on her mind. Amaimon kept trying to persuade her to be open about their relationship, and she wanted nothing more to do so. But there would be serious consequences, for both of you. It was completely unfair be
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 490 129
Mature content
Amaimon x reader (Lemon) :iconamber27rose:Amber27rose 161 212
Improvement 2016 by Nasuki100 Improvement 2016 :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 2,188 124 Comic 1: Stop joking around by homeschoolcraftIzzy Comic 1: Stop joking around :iconhomeschoolcraftizzy:homeschoolcraftIzzy 1 0




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the best of us aren't sorcerer's
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stamp time!!


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Win a date conest! (Choose)I saw a bunch of people doing it and decided to do it myself, so here are the males/females. Now I need you guys to vote for only one! :D






Viper and Amai can have male or female dates, Akuma, Kasai, and Natsu, shall not.
  • Listening to: Hollywood undead
  • Reading: Kyle x reader (south park, it may be some lemons)
  • Watching: Rwby tributes and anime
  • Playing: Undertale
  • Eating: Pudding(so fucking amazing)
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper



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